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About Hicon

Shanghai Hicon Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in outdoor socks development, production and marketing. Now various functional socks we produced are mainly exported to Europe, America, Russia and so on.

We are experienced in applying high-Functional Fiber materials such as moisture pick-up and fast-dry, warm & comfortable, and permanently antibacterial. According to customers’ different needs and characteristics of sports in general, we have developed products with highly functionalities and differentiation to be suitable for different dress purposes. We have designed and developed socks that suit for wear categories include general sports, outdoor sports, strong sports, and extreme sports.

With specific to these sock products, we choose different fiber materials and composition, socks’ texture and weaving methods. The main categories are: Running Socks, Hiking Socks, Cycling Socks, and Ski Socks, to be more differentiated and professional. Various functional yarn are used in our production, such as Coolmax, Thermolite, Lycra, Meraklon and so on.

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