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“Regenerated cellulose, high tensile strength, bright, soft, noble” Modal is a cellulose based fiber produced by Lenzing AG. Karsu Tekstil is the biggest producer of 100% and blended Modal yarns in the world.
Modal, produced from the wood of beech-tree, is a kind of completely natural fiber which has high dry and wet tensile strength values. It is quite resistant to wear and, in addition, it transfers humidity extremely well. Woven or knitted fabrics made of Modal, have a smooth handle. Thanks to its feature to transfer humidity very well, Modal gives wearing comfort even in hot, moist climatic conditions.
Modal fiber’s behavior resembles to the cotton fiber in finishing processes; now that it is not thermoplastic, but regenerated cellulose based. When used in 100 percent, Modal does not require any bleaching and mercerization processes, thanks to the original white color of the fiber
Fields of Use:
Modal is preferred, where comfort and aesthetics, brightness and naturalness are demanded. Some of the fields of use are presented as followsı;
• T-Shirts
• Socks
• Spors Wear
• Other wowen and knitted products
• Bed sheets
• Underwear
• Towels and Bathrobes

Modal Mélange (*)
Modal / Combed Cotton (Aegean)
Modal / Combed Cotton (low contamination)
Modal / Combed Cotton Mélange (*)
Modal / Organic Cotton
Modal / Supima Cotton
Modal / Tencel
Modal / Wool
Modal / Linen
Modal / Polyester
Modal / Acrylic
Modal / Nylon
Modal Antibacterial
Modal Syro
Modal (Core Yarn)
Modal / Combed Cotton (Core Yarn)

Modal melange yarns produces by mixes colourful modal fiber in blowroom process with demanded melange grade. Different grades of melange can produce with each color. The final goods which made from modal melange yarns has a perfect appearance thanks to all superior pecularities of modal and superior optique performance(reflection)

Yarn is the most important factor determine of fabric characteristics. Yarn charactics determine by fiber. Modal fiber have superior chracteristics and by mixing method with different superior characteristics of fiber can produce different types of fitting yarn depends on field of use. Karsu determines optimum blends of yarn and presents excellent to clients by consider yarn quality and effects on final goods

Both two fibers’s based cellulosic and being natural presents %100 naturalness. Modal fiber’s gentle, comfortable handle, lustrous and high wet and dry tensile strength fastness values formed in yarn features with cotton fiber’s known characteristics. Modal and cotton fibers’ color fastness resembles to provide uniform appearance on produced yarn. Modal/cotton blends produce depend on field of use and required features. Cotton fiber can mix in open end too

Karsu Tekstil produces Modal/Organic Cotton Combed yarn in rate of 5% , 50% and depends on rate of customer requirement except conventional modal/cotton combed yarn
Organic cotton raises with completely natural and different methods with conventional cotton so organic cotton protects to earth and allow to continual agriculture
Karsu Tekstil goods which contain organic cotton certificated by Skal International and Systain

Modal/Wool blend yarn presents climatic, high comfortable, softer, bright and woolen characteristics thanks to combination of wool fiber’s warm, softer, stuffed handle, taking shape with steam and modal fiber’s superior characteristics

Brightness, softer handle and comfortable characteristics of modal and cooler and special effect of linen shows on blend. Presents to comfort and elegant characteristics for long time bye superior tenacity

Modal/Poliester blend yarn presents brightness, softer handle and comfort with easy clean and higher tenacity characteristics. Fabric has well-fitting structure

Has a softer handle and silky surface. Presents to higher comfort. Pilling is lower

Modal/Tencel blend yarn presents better dimension stability, good handle and comfort characteristics thanks to perfect combination of blend

Produces by modal and lyocell fibers blend of 65/35% ratio. Keep cool, naturality is 100% and harmony is very well with skin. Expel steam to outside, dimension stability is well. Presents to lower pilling value, better using values and easy clean

Modal/Nylon blend ratio is 80/20%. Blend has a well known characteristics of modal which softness, do not disturbance to skin and also higher wet and dry tensile strength fastness values, easy iron

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