Merino Wool


Merino wool is extracted from merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand. The merino fibers are longer and extremely fine, making them good for knitting. Merino Wool yarn are perfect for knitting Socks.

Pile of high quality merino wool in woman's hand

Why Choose Merino Wool for Socks?       

1. Natural Merino Wool is soft and comfortable, absorbs sweat and wicks moisture, regulates temperature, continuously eliminates odors and breathability. Ideal for keeping feet cozy.

2. Perfect for all seasons. Whether it's the cool spring and autumn seasons, or the extreme cold snow seasons, there's always a pair of merino socks for you. Merino fibre has a great balance between hot and cold.

3. Merino Wool socks are suitable for almost all sports, especially outdoor sports. Running, Cycling, Skiing, Walking, Trekking, Climbing etc. 



Merino Wool is a natural and renewable fiber. It is from the merino sheep, and one sheep can grow 4 to 5 pounds of wool per year. It is good for planet to choose merino wool.

Warm and Soft

Merino wool has a natural crimp in the fibre. This crimp traps body heat in air pockets around your body, keeping you warmer for longer. Merino wool is known for being super soft. A single Merino wool fiber is ⅓ the diameter of a human hair.

Odor Resistant

Merino wool is with high moisture wicking feature. It gradually expels sweat and odor from your foot. so foot fungus and smelly odor will NOT be a problem while wearing merino socks


Merino wool actually has thinner, finer fibers compare with the regular wool. It make more soft to the touch and won’t irritate even sensitive skin.


The wicking property can keep your feet dry by absorbing your sweat throughout the day. Because merino fibre are inherently porous. It helps you stay warm and dry when you’re moving and playing outdoors. 

Fire and Static Resistant

Merino wool is no melt no drip. Nylon and polyester will melt around 320 -450 degrees.  Merino wool retains moisture well, this also helps reduce static electricity build-up.